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Climapreneur is a media startup that was built with a singular aim to unlock India’s true Climate Entrepreneurial potential. To do something where every brain of the country is deployed towards Climate Action in a way that it empowers the nation, their families and their lives. With Climapreneur we share climate action stories, stories of emotion and impact. Stories of not only what these incredible individuals did but how they did it. What motivated them, why they kept doing it even when everyone around them was questioning them. I believe that Climate Action Stories can lead India’s Climate Action Revolution, because these stories inspire people with action and not paralyze them with fear. We have always believed in the narrative that leads to collaboration. Yes, every sector is facing challenges at their own levels but do we blame them or do we understand and innovate together, work together and create and live the success together. 

Climapreneur serves as a platform to encourage innovations designed to alter the course of climate change for good. The focus here is to encourage innovations for the development of pathways leading to a sustainable future.

Someone, once told me that in the coming decade Climate Economy is going to be where Internet Economy is probably even bigger. Now, this means we all have an opportunity to be a part of something transformational. Something that will not only have a positive climate impact but will also empower people around us, improving their pockets, improving their living conditions. All we have to do is harness the opportunity with the right mindset, skills, knowledge and of course : Resilience. The journey is hard but it’s worth being on it. And we are with you on this journey.

Shweta Dalmia – Founder & CEO Climapreneur Host, The Climapreneur Show

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