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Bringing to you climate action stories.

Stories and learnings from entrepreneurs driving climate action. These stories will serve as your roadmaps and help you on your journey.


Climate Entrepreneurs, their success is shared. Their joy is shared. The positive impact is shared. Rooting for every Climate Entrepreneur, every positive Changemaker. Together we can and together we will because Climate Action Unites Us. Taste Climate Action once, Taste Climate Entrepreneurship once, this heart will want more, more and more.

Shweta Dalmia, Founder Climapreneur


Inspiring stories of Climate Entrepreneurs, Climate Champions, Climate Scientists, Climate Innovators from around the world.


Climapreneur brings together Climate Entrepreneurs, Climate Innovators, Climate Scientists from all around the world. Climapreneur brings to you Stories of grit, of resilience , of hope. Story of what went behind their creation. Stories of how they picked themselves up when nothing seemed to work.  We aim to enable positive change through the power of these stories, empowering people through roadmaps of businesses which followed the path less taken. Hoping to make this journey less lonely and more collaborative. This is your platform. If you have taken a baby step, if you have contributed even 0.00001% we want to hear you, because your small steps matter. 

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