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We bring to you authentic and personalised voices of Climapreneurs

Climapreneurs- Entrepreneurs Driving Climate Action!

Purpose, Passion, Profession and Climate Action- a long lasting relationship.
We bring to you stories of entrepreneurs driving climate action.The journey from passion to profession while incorporating climate action. Climate action is trans-disciplinary just like the passion and skills of millions. The integration of trans-disciplinary skills with climate action is revolutionary. Something we strongly believe at Climapreneur.


#TheClimapreneurShow with Shweta Dalmia! The show brings to you values through stories of Climapreneurs- Entrepreneurs driving Climate Action. Stories of Climapreneurs who are living their passion every day. These stories will hold your hand and help you in your path. Will ignite in you the motivation, the inspiration, and give you the courage to follow your dreams. These are stories of people who are spreading love and kindness, creating solutions. Embracing climate change challenges as opportunities. Driving Climate Action.

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"What was tomorrow is already today so you don’t even realize how soon you reach that future that you were visualizing in the past."

Anupriya Nayyar
Founder, Harvest


"Just go by your gut, give yourself time, listen to your inside self. Your world is all inside. Outside is something that you know, everyone has their world going on inside."

Supriya Sarin
Co-founder, Vnya


Find out a real problem, find out a real solution and ask yourself, whether you can put 100% of your heart into it, then only jump into it. "

Uttam Banerjee
Co-founder, CEO Ekam Eco Solutions