Recycling Existing Stocks, Making Solar Lamps, Empowering Women

During the pandemic, like most brands @loveorganicallyindiatoo had to pause their operations and suffered losses in terms of validity of material. Heartbroken seeing the products go waste - their founder @deepshikhadeshmukh and the entire team brain stormed and kept thinking of ways to dispose these off in the best possible way,to not burden Mother earth - they recycled and Upcycled their products under watchful eye of Recycle man of India - Dr. @binishdesai and created solar lamps generated from recycling their own products - They have decided to give these solar lamps to farmer homes in the villages in Latur - A small way of giving their thanks to the farmers who grow and provide us with all our raw materials -completing the circle , and giving back to Mother Earth by reducing her burden, and empowering rural women in the process , which is the very core of Love Organically.

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