How climate change has impacted the mountains

Harshvardhan Joshi shares from his real experience how climate change has impacted the mountains. There is a section called Khumbu Icefall which is the flowing river of ice at the Khumbu glacier. It is the most dangerous part of Everest. Until 2019, people would 4-6 hours take years to climb that section and this year (2021) the crevasses was so much wider and the route changed so drastically due to climate change and global warming that it was way riskier and we took 10-12 hours to cover the same route. This was one example. Watch the video or more examples on how climate change has impacted the mountains.

Harshvardhan Joshi is the Youngest Everest expedition leader; Climbed while battling COVID-19 +2 Cyclones | Marketer, Sustainability Advocate

🎙The Climapreneur Show | Episode 35

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