We all need to come together beyond boundaries working in our own diverse ways towards a common goal. 

"Climate Entrepreneurs, their success is shared. Their joy is shared. The positive impact is shared. Rooting for every Climate Entrepreneur, every positive Changemaker. Together we can and together we will because Climate Action Unites Us."

Shweta Dalmia

Founder Climapreneur

Harshvardhan Joshi shares from his real experience how climate change has impacted the mountains. There is a section called Khumbu Icefall which is the flowing river of ice at the Khumbu glacier. It is the most dangerous part of Everest. Until 2019, people would 4-6 hours take years to climb that section and this year (2021) the crevasses was so much wider and the route changed so drastically due to climate change and global warming that it was way riskier and we took 10-12 hours to cover the same route. This was one example. Watch the video or more examples on how climate change has impacted the mountains.

Harshvardhan Joshi is the Youngest Everest expedition leader; Climbed while battling COVID-19 +2 Cyclones | Marketer, Sustainability Advocate

🎙The Climapreneur Show | Episode 35

Link to the complete episode:https://open.spotify.com/episode/3EgFSb6x9zM0fKxbO7ZGjn


Don't hold onto one cycle and then try to win all the battles because each of the battle is having a different outcome on different skills. Scaling Up and Innovation Cycle are two different games to play.

Mahesh Babu | The Climapreneur Show | Episode 34

Mr. Babu has over 25 years of experience in mobility and is the CEO of Switch Mobility India. He was Managing Director and CEO of Mahindra Electric where. Under his leadership, Mahindra Electric launched six new electric vehicles including 3-wheeler and 4-wheeler commercial vehicles, as well as the innovative software platform NEMO. One of the most prestigious projects under his leadership was India’s first monocoque SUV, the XUV500. Furthermore, he has been instrumental in shaping future mobility policy in India by delivering electric TCO solutions through groundbreaking initiatives in passenger vehicles, commercial fleets, and last mile mobility. He actively contributed to various EV committees of both central and state governments, CII and FICCI.

Link to complete episode: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4S5nWOyMOgKU1XdTXtoqYB

During the pandemic, like most brands @loveorganicallyindiatoo had to pause their operations and suffered losses in terms of validity of material. Heartbroken seeing the products go waste - their founder @deepshikhadeshmukh and the entire team brain stormed and kept thinking of ways to dispose these off in the best possible way,to not burden Mother earth - they recycled and Upcycled their products under watchful eye of Recycle man of India - Dr. @binishdesai and created solar lamps generated from recycling their own products - They have decided to give these solar lamps to farmer homes in the villages in Latur - A small way of giving their thanks to the farmers who grow and provide us with all our raw materials -completing the circle , and giving back to Mother Earth by reducing her burden, and empowering rural women in the process , which is the very core of Love Organically.

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